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What is Financial Aid?

Financial aid is a means of reducing a student's educational costs. Such costs include direct expenses, such as tuition, fees, books and supplies, and indirect expenses, such as room and board, transportation and personal expenses. Aid is available to students through state, federal and local government; through many private sources, such as industrial, service, civic and fraternal groups; and directly through colleges and universities. Federal (Title IV) Financial Aid includes Grants, Loans, and Federal Work-Study.

Awards at Amarillo College are made on the basis of financial need, academic progress, achievement, or other qualifications required by the donors of the funds.

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Department of Education requirements state that students may only receive Title IV funds (grants/loans) for degree required classes. Therefore, students who receive financial aid should only enroll in degree required classes.

The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2012 reduces the duration of a student's eligibility to receive Federal Pell Grants to 12 semesters (or its equivalent). This change is effective with the 2012 Award year and applies to all Federal Pell Grant eligibile students. Equivalency is calculated by adding together the percentage of  Pell eligibility a student received each year to determine whether the total amount exceeds 600%.

For example, if a student's maximum Pell Grant award amount for the 2012-2013 school year was $5,550, but the student only received $2,775 because he was only enrolled for one semester, he would have used 50% of his maximum award for that year. If in the following school year, he was enrolled only three-quarter time, he would have used 75% of his maximum award for that year. Together, he would have received 125% out of the total 600% lifetime limit.